Philosophy of Art / Mary Dispenza

Philosophy of ArtA Philosophy of Art
Mary Dispenza

Making art allows me to experience another level of life. As I create a painting or compose a photograph, I find myself transported to a spiritual place.

My soul responds to the process of art. It comes to attention each time I find a subject. It lifts as I evoke a shape. It overflows as I bring things I see in the world to life on paper or on the screen. My soul loves color and movement and finds expression in hue, light, shadow and texture. My subject and I become one with each stroke of the brush or snap of the shutter. Art frees my soul and raises it up to love and life.

I believe art frees the soul, not just of those who make art, but of those who view art as well. Places devoted to art are among some of our most sacred spaces – and it's no surprise that art and the spiritual have been inextricably linked throughout human history. The more we can view art, the better for our souls and the better for the world.

For me, making art is a way to give something back to a world I find full of beauty, but also wounded. My art allows me to further give back, by engaging others in the joy of saving children from the effects of malaria. A purchase of art from ARTFrees sends a donation directly to Nets for Babies.

Art frees us to care for our own souls as well as those of people around the world who we may never know, but whose souls are entwined with our own.