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Nets for Babies
Sales of art on ARTFrees help support a vital medical mission called Nets for Babies. To prevent malaria, the Rotary Club of Tanzania provides treated mosquito netting for infants and young children.

When you purchase art here, twenty percent of the sale price is sent directly to the Rotary Club in Tanzania to purchase more mosquito nets for babies.


Mary Dispenza - Art that has a purposeBeautiful surroundings are important to a joyful life. Art can make your home or office more beautiful and enhance your connections to others. It can also bring you right up close to those amazing details of the world that tend to get lost as you pass at the speed of contemporary life.

Mary Dispenza knows that art does even more. Art frees the soul of both the artist and the viewer. Paintings full of vibrant color and enthusiastic form and photographs focused on exquisite detail engage us with the world and invigorate our spirit. ARTFrees is dedicated to providing beautiful works of fine art to anyone who needs a jolt of uplifting color, a quieting study or a touch of whimsy.

Now you can bring art and color to your home while also protecting the health of a child

Every purchase of a painting or photograph from ARTFrees funds a mosquito net to protect a precious baby from malaria. After working in Tanzanian health clinics, artist Mary Dispenza formed a partnership with the Rotary Club of Tanzania to help provide needed mosquito nets to the most vulnerable Tanzanians – the babies. Each piece of art Mary sells on ARTFrees supports Nets for Babies by sending 20% of the total sale directly to the Rotary Club for the purchase and distribution of treated mosquito nets.

You can find much more information about how you can help in the effort to control malaria on our Nets For Babies page.

ARTFrees gives you the best of both worlds

We all love to bring beautiful things into our homes and lives. Rarely does the opportunity arise to enhance our surroundings while also saving a life. That opportunity is ARTFrees.

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